Welcome to join Diaspora Nigerians in China as we march to Nigeria to support the Peoples Leader President Mohammed Buhari 2019!

The Coordinator BYO, China, Mr. John Zubby Okeihe speaking at the Diaspora Day in Beijing, Peoples Republic of China
"Let's dissuade tribalism, religion because you can see it is dividing us terribly, apart We should act as security force to back up the government. This can better be achieved in unity irrespective of who the president is and from whichever party, we should learn how to build our country, PMB alone cannot do this work, everybody must be involved from every location – We members of the Diaspora Nigerians in China are mobilizing funds and physical presence come 2019 to re-elect the peoples servant, the man of integrity to lead us to the promise land of peace and progress. We are not only mobilizing support but mobilizing elite investors from the world second largest economy to join hands with our humble effort in boosting our infrastructure and agriculture. PMB has taught Nigerians the art of diversification and with that, we are bringing investors with interest in various sectors of the economy to boost productivity and provide employment for your young people. This is what we the Diaspora in the Peoples Republic of China stands for and by the grace of God, we shall achieve our purpose! Nigeria condition needs coordinated efforts and force to rebuild this nation. Once mandate is given to anybody irrespective of Party, we should learn to give and play supportive role. In south East Asia – We the diaspora members of BYO are voluneteering and mobilising 5 Million Votes come 2019 with back up from over 500 fortune 500 investors whom have indicated interest to join hands with us to help Nigeria achieve its potentials in industry and agriculture, Join us to give the government support, contribute your efforts to make better Nigeria!
Join Nigerians in China to spearhead economic development, Vote Wisely, Vote PMB!
Courtesy Visit of Executives of BYO to the ambassador of Nigeria to China, Beijing

President Muhammadu Buhari Achievements

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  • President Muhammadu Buhari and President Xi Jinping in Beijing

    Diaspora Day Conference held in Beijing May 27 2018, with Cordinator of BYO, China and Members of the Diaspora Organisation